Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shift Into Slow For A Bit

Well, I had lots of nice things planned.  But, Nature decided against that.   Sunday night, something bit me in the center of my right palm (my primary hand, by the way).  I'd ignored it until today.  I thought it would be OK.  There was a little water and a definite itch. 

Today I noticed that my hand was far more swollen, both my wife and mother confirmed this.  Then, I noticed a reddish line going up my right arm along the vein.  OK, time to see the doctor.

Went to the local emergency room.  The doctor didn't seem to think it was any big deal.  Gave me a strong antibiotic and a anti-allergen.  He said the red strip is an allergic reaction to the bite.

What about the high-fever, freezing shakes last night, doc?  Allergic reaction, too.

Terrific.  At least I'm on medication now.  He says in a few days it all should be fine. 

A few days, swell.  That's forever!  Just cutting up some butter this morning was a uncomfortable. 

So, I guess it's light stuff for now.  Certainly, Tuesdays with Dorie is postponed this week (I'm doing the rice pudding ... I think my family will love it).  But, there's no way I'm going to manage extended stirring.  My right hand is out of it and my left handis as coordinated as a jackhammer is quiet and subtle.

This does provide a great excuse to catch up with my reading.  I just received How To Cook Everything, The Flavor Bible, and a half-dozen books on how to make Dim Sum.

Time to pop back some Ibuprofen and read about all those delicious dishes that float past on the carts at my favorite Chinese restaurants ...


Anne said...

Good luck with the hand! I know exactly what you mean about the off hand- it's worthless! I've had some problems with my wrists and I tried to make pastry cream with only my left hand once, it was a joke! :)

Feel better soon!

James said...

Thanks Anne! The allergic reaction is gone (thank you Modern Pharmaceuticals!) ... but, my hand is still healing. Stiff and a little painful when I move it wrong. Even typing is a hassle!

All that and I didn't even get the squash the bug that did it!