Monday, November 24, 2008

Corn Syrup Showdown

Well, my hand is finally healing up.  It's still painful, but I'll be alright in the long run. Thank you very much to those who sent their kind wishes.

I was at the store this weekend doing a little shopping.  I want to get back to cooking this week.  In fact, I'm going to go on a Dim Sum kick.  I really love Dim Sum and decided that since there are no restaurants here that serve it, I'll have to make it myself.  Kind of like my whole Pizza Quest.

Anyway, back to the topic of this post: corn syrup.  I had to make some BBQ sauce this weekend.  So, I bought some corn syrup.  The stores were out of Karo brand, so I picked up a couple of brands I'd never tried.  One was bottled in Manila.  The other was actually the dreaded high-fructose corn syrup.

I bought them both because I was in a bind.  I need to find a suitable substitute because I don't want to get stuck buying HFCS again.

Out of curiosity, I taste tested them all.  Karo, Shamrock, and nameless HFCS.

Karo was the brand with which I was most familiar.  My mom used it since dinosaurs roamed the earth.  And, I suspect that her mother used it while the planets were forming out of the galactic chaos.  So, I'll compare the other brands to it.

Shamrock, bottled in Manila, had the same consistency as Karo but not as rich.  That seemed odd as both were labeled "corn syrup".  Being curious these days, I looked at the ingredients.  Karo has vanilla!  I didn't know that.  Oh, those cheaters!

The HFCS was thinner and sweet.  Probably three times as sweet as the other two.  Its flavor was very much like the Shamrock brand corn syrup.  Very neutral, just sweet.  Unless I'm left with no choice, I will not buy this again.  Wouldn't have purchased it this time had I not needed it.

Given that I don't really want vanilla automatically added with corn syrup, I'll probably buy the Shamrock in the future.

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