Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bounty from the South

I had heard rumors of a small store in Tanauan that had imported goods.  Naturally, I had to go look.  Tanauan is maybe 10-15 minutes south of where I live.  And, since I have all the patience of small child hyped-up on industrial sweeteners and concentrated caffeine ... I went immediately.

Luckily, I found the place quickly.  They had a nice selection of products that the stores in Tacloban don't have.  And, since I have the will power of that same small child holding his parent's credit card in the toy department at Macy's ... I bought everything that interested me.

Oh, look at it all ... Hungarian sausage, spray whipping cream, little packets of various james and jellies, sliced American cheese, cottage cheese, tater-tot-style hash browns, Colby cheese, hot pepper Jack cheese ... and, the piece de resistance ... HP Sauce!

For those who don't know, HP Sauce (formally known as House of Parliament Sauce), comes from England.  It is one of England's finest contributions to cuisine.  Having had steak with HP, I now would rather have my steaks bare than to spoil them with Heinz 57 or that dreadful A-1.

I am spoiled forever.  And, I like it this way ...

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