Friday, July 11, 2008

Requiem for a Cell Phone

My beloved Nokia N95 suffered screen-death two days ago. I rely so much on my phone these days. Pictures, notes, texting friends (here in the Philippines, most people just text, it's dirt cheap and easy). I use it daily. All of the pictures I've taken for this site and my other site (My Tacloban) were taken with my N95.

First, it started going green, shifting its little face around. Finally, the screen just went black. Oh, the humanity!

It wasn't brain-dead. I was about to plug the phone into life support (otherwise known as my computer) and drain its contents onto my hard drive. So, it's brain and heart were alive and ticking. Just that it couldn't show itself to the world.

So, I took the phone to the electronic emergency room and begged them to fix it and bring it back to life! OK, I actually said something to the effect of "I believe it's under warranty, what are our options?" I was told it was going to have to be shipped to Manila and that I'd be without the phone for a month.

A MONTH?!?! OK, that's just not going to happen. Well, it's going to happen. In fact, it's likely to take two months. At least the phone is under warranty and the repair is free. However, I am not going to be without a phone for two months.

So, what beckoned to me at the store? The nifty Nokia N95 8G. Oh, it's black and steel and shiny and has a bigger screen, more memory, and a longer battery life. The buttons work better, the slide feels nicer.

It called to me like the mythical harpies callings ships to their doom. I heeded its siren song and my credit card fell victim to its price (approximately P29,000).

I am happy again. When my beloved Nokia N95 returns from Manila, it will discover that I have an even more beloved Novia N95 8G doing its work.

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