Thursday, July 10, 2008

Onion ... Meet The Garlic Press

My mom was craving a good salad dressing. I don't like to disappoint my mom, so I made an Asian vinaigrette for her.

I looked at the recipe and noticed that it called for a tablespoon of chopped onion. OK, I knew what that meant for this ... it meant seriously minced. And, to be honest, it was really hot out, I was tired, and I didn't feel like taking even the short amount of time to cleanly chopify the onion.

Since the recipe already called for some garlic, I had the garlic press out. So, I cut up the onion I needed and crammed it through the garlic press.

I was happily surprised with the results. First, the texture of the resulting onion mash was the same as the pressed garlic. So, the dressing didn't have various textures in it. Just the liquid and the garlic/onion mash. I like that because I want the dressing to interfere as little as possible (aside from taste) with the salad on which I'm pouring it.

Second, I was amazed at the amount of onion flavor present. I guess I shouldn't have been. The pressing process brought out a lot of onion juice and exposed a lot more surface area of the onion material.

Next time I make this dressing, I'll use half the onion listed. And, I'll post it ...

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