Monday, July 7, 2008

Industrial Burger

A friend of mine passed along a link to the Bionic Burger web site. I couldn't believe what I saw! Burgers lasting for years without growing mold and other nastiness?

Take a look at their video. Holy cow!

Do I believe it? Not sure. Am I tempted to start collecting a few McDonald's burgers from the local store? Possibly.

If true, this is hard-core industrial food. Good tasting hard-core industrial food. But, hard-core industrial food, none-the-less. Not sure I'm so keen on McDonald's after seeing this video.

While I'm pretty sure that McDonald's isn't using Kobe or Wagyu beef. I'm also pretty sure that they're not using the worst of what's available.

Notice there's a link to a web site in the video. It leads to a pay site for wellness. That makes me a bit skeptical about this whole thing.

That fact doesn't invalidate my desire to get away from industrial food as much as I can. It just makes this video and their claims less credible.

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