Sunday, July 6, 2008

Baked Char Siu Bao - First Draft

I love Dim Sum. I mean, I really love Dim Sum. Not just a little, either. Did I say that I loved it?

So, I'm trying to learn how to make it. I have no illusion that I won't make it as well as those fabulous restaurants in Hong Kong. Still, I'm pretty sure I can make it well enough to get me through those long periods between going to a restaurant that specializes in some Dim Sum goodness.

I've very happy with my ability to make Nor Mai Gai. And, I'll make it here, soon. My taste buds need their fix.

However, I missed the baked hum bow that I would get in Seattle. So, I've started to try to recreate it here. Pictured above are my first attempts at Baked Char Siu Bao. Char Siu refers to the Chinese BBQ pork inside these buns. Bao, from what I understand, just means bun. And baked ... well, means baked (as opposed to steamed).

A couple of the girls here at the house looked at me funny when I put the buns on the oven. Filipinos make a similar dish called siopao (sho-POW). But, they only steam it. No baking. A shame, as baked breads are yummy.

I'll have more when I get better at this recipe.


Tina said...

James those look great. When i lived in Hawaii years ago thats where i grew up. We had something similar to what you are talking about they were called Manapuas!!
very similar but steamed.

I like yours they look so yummo baked. Do you have a recipe for them. I didnt see it on your blog.

Tina ~ Mommy's Kitchen ~ said...

I am so glad the bread turned out so good for you. It is such a awesome bread recipe. It is actually a Philipino Bread Dough recipe called Pan De Sal. It is so versatile. do you have your pork filling recipe on your site. I couldnt find it but i would love to give it a try with the bread.

James said...

Recipe for this one coming soon. When I first play with something, I do a few modifications even during the cooking process.

Trust me, I'll be making these again soon! They were a big hit with everyone ... especially me.

MLewis said...

Hi! I'm reading this in December of 10. We just visited Seattle where my kids tried Humbow for the first time. I'm trying to find a recipe for baked Humbow. Did you decide to post one? Yours looks great.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever come up with a recipe? I live in Seattle and trying to mimic the Mee Sum Pastry version from the Market.