Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Posting Notes

Sorry about the lack of posts until now.  Our Internet connection has been in bad, bad shape since Sunday.  Nothing would get past Manila.

Here's some hints at upcoming fun:
  • I have a couple of five kilo beef top rounds on the way.  They're going to be smoked, sliced, and inevitably consumed with great gusto.  I need to remember to try out some variations in the preparation of the meat.  Maybe make some nice garlic roast beef or peppered roast beef.
  • Along with the rounds there's a brisket on the way.  Oh, what plans I have for it.  I'm thinking corned beef, pastrami, and some pulled beef sandwiches with a BBQ sauce.
  • All this deli meat talk leads to another thing here: lack of good sandwich rolls.  I need to work on that.
  • Coming up, I'm the food sponsor for the Board of Directors meeting for my local Rotary club.  I'm hoping to pull off a half-dozen or so Dim Sum dishes.  If it looks like that will fail, my backup plan is pizza.
My hand is nearly healed.  Can't believe that a little tiny bug could mess me up so badly.  Unfortunately, Big Iron's lever to raise and lower the bowl is very stiff.  Not the most ideal situation when a hand that's tender.  Maybe it's time for me to do a little maintenance work on Big Iron.

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