Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dim Sum - Mini Hoisin Ribs

Wow, is the time shooting past right now.  Christmas is coming soon and you know what that means: DIM SUM!  Yes, Santa will bring delicious little bits of Chinese goodness to all the good little culinarians out there!  Those who are bad will be forced to watch and eat Vienna sausage (if you like Vienna sausage, please, seek professional help).

Oh, look at those little ribs to the side there.  They were gone so fast.

This is from a cookbook in print.  So, I'm not going to list exact ingredients or measurements.  Still, there are no surprises here.  If you're familiar at all with Chinese cooking, the ingredients are all pretty obvious.

The cookbook in question is  Dim Sum: Delicious Finger Food For Parties by Fiona Smith and William Lingwood.  I like this book.  It has gorgeous pictures and the recipes are definitely delicious.

  • Pork ribs, cut in 2" pieces
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Other Chinese ingredients

The first step here is really at your butcher.  Buy the ribs and have them cut them into 2-inch lengths.  Be sure to have the butcher remove the membrane on the bottom of the ribs before cutting.

I mixed all the ingredients together in a non-reactive bowl and let is all marinate overnight.

When I was ready, I covered the dish with foil.  Then, put it all into the oven at 350F (175C) for 90 minutes.

Done.  Yes, it's just that simple!

Test Results

These were devoured.  Didn't get much feedback.  But, I presume they were appreciated.

Potential Improvements

Cook longer to more tenderness.  I think next time I'm going to cook for a full two hours.

Potential Variations

Can't really think of any here.  The name makes them fairly specialized ... Hoisin mini ribs.


These are tasty and easy.  Just toss them into a dish overnight, cook them for a couple of hours, done!

I'll make them again.  Most definitely!

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