Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Would Gordon Do?

Warning: Random Thoughts Ahead

Just before the recent U.S. Presidential election, my mother asked me about a candidate (no need to mention his party affiliation, this blog is non-political ... I'll only get political when campaigning against our future carnivorous alien overlords ... until that day comes, no politics here) ... "How has he done so much in his life?"

Of course, that question made me review my own life and the things that I'd done and failed to do.  The only answer I could give her was "Discipline, mom.  He is apparently a very disciplined person."

This got me thinking.  Thinking a lot.  I started to think about other people I admire for their accomplishments.  For the most part, with a few notable exceptions (The Woz comes immediately to mind), their public persona reflects large amounts of discipline.

So, I wondered ... do I have discipline?  Truthfully, the answer is that I'm getting there.  Not enough yet.

Before cooking, I'll at least gather all the ingredients.  I don't lay out a mise en place because I don't want to make a lot of dishes dirty.  I'm a home cook, not a professional with a large cleaning staff to back me up.  Still, the habit of gathering all the ingredients before cooking has saved me many times from jumping in while missing something critical.

I think that good habits are the foundation for discipline.  Like Nike kept telling us ... just do it.

I'd like to hear from those reading this ... what good kitchen habits do you have?  Do you want?  What steps do you think are necessary to get there?

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