Saturday, November 1, 2008

Interesterified Fat ... Good Grief!

I was doing more reading about HFCS and trans fats.  Usually this is a great diet aid for me ... as I find myself less hungry after reading about this culinary garbage.

I found something interesting and new.  Because trans fats are going away, our friends in the industrial labs ... err, kitchens ... have found a new way to modify the fats in our foods.  It's called interesterified fat.

This is the latest way to modify fats to give longer shelf life and better mouth feel.  In other words, make low fat foods taste more like high fat foods and be able to sit on the store shelves for much, much longer periods without spoiling.

While that is fine and dandy for the manufacturer, what about us?  What are the studies saying that this wonder of modern science do for us?

The short version is: it's trans fats all over, plus a bit of a bonus.  Higher glucose levels, cholesterol badness, etc.  Isn't that great?  A fat that increases blood sugar levels!  What will those chemists in the industrial kitchens come up with next? 

Look, if you need your food to taste and feel like it has lard in it ... put lard in it!  Your body knows how to process lard.  Yes, you'll have to walk an extra mile to work it off ... but, your body won't do other strange things with it. 

Don't want to gain the extra weight because you fry your fries in oh-so-delicious lard?  Then, maybe eat something less fattening.  Or, eat fewer fries.  Or, try baked fries (they're pretty great, really). 

You have choices.  A lot of them.  Choose to stay away from the industrial junk ...

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