Monday, November 17, 2008

202.0 km ... Return To The Milk

24 liters of milk just went so fast.  I have it in my head that I must learn to make cheese, so I called up the milk co-op in Ormoc and ordered another 100 liters.  I was told by the good doctor (yes, a doctor runs the co-op's marketing) that it would be about a week to get the order ready.

He called a couple days early.  Fortunately, my new (new to me, used to the world) truck was ready and we headed out.  This time, I took my sous chef and his mother (otherwise known as my wife).  To the right you can see my sous chef examining the milk we're buying.

Here's our freezer now ... if you look closely, you can see (bottom right) a couple of stuffed pizzas that I'm doing some cryo-testing on for a future post.  I want to make sure they're seriously frozen before I pull them out and try to bring them back to something close to life.

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