Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hawaiian Bounty!

A friend of mine lived in Hawaii for many years. In fact, all of his children still live there (all seven, if memory serves me right).

He'd invited us down to his and his wife's lovely house for their fiesta in August. There we met a couple of his kids (a doctora and a son in the travel industry), a daughter-in-law (from Fiji), grandchildren, etc. The food was good, company was good, unfortunately, I was rather sick.

I should take a step back here, when I say "kids", they're my age. He's retired. From what I can tell, he plays golf, teaches us to dance, tells some rather funny jokes, and makes probably the best tuba I've ever consumed.

So, when his daughter-in-law asked for a little tapol to take back to Hawaii, we gave them ten kilos. My friend was quite surprised at the amount. And, very happy.

A month or so later, he tells me he has something for me. He'd picked up some macadamia nuts (both salted and covered in chocolate) at the airport when traveling. A very nice gesture.

I'm not sure he knew ... but ... I LOVE MACADAMIA NUTS. Oh yes, so very much. Little, beige, round balls of nutty perfection that I could eat by the shovel-full.

The chocolate-covered macadamias were consumed quickly. I snagged a couple, so did my son, everyone else in the house received one. Oh, milk chocolate and macadamias ... there's a tasteful marriage made in Heaven!

I'm saving the can. I'm looking for the right cookie recipe that will give the macadamias the platform on which to shine.

I will, of course, share those cookies with my good friend. It's only fair ...

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