Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cookie Cryogenics

My family loves cookies. I'm a big fan of variety. I don't want chocolate chip, chocolate chip, chocolate chip, chocolate chip, ad nauseum.

I'also m a big fan of things one can make ahead and then prepare at the last minute when required. While I would like to be able to spend eight hours a day in the kitchen, getting paid, doing what I like, that fantasy has yet to venture towards reality. So, I need to be efficient where I can be.

Naturally, I thought ... "can I freeze cookie dough?" I suspected that the answer was "no". The various items in the dough ... butter, eggs, other optional ingredients ... may not take a liking to the bitter cold of my freezer.

A couple weeks ago, thinking ahead for once, I tossed some of the white chocolate chip dough into the recesses of my deep freeze. I keep it at 0F (-18C). Brrrr!

Since my oven is being a bad child, I kept a close eye on the cooking process. That went well.

Unfortunately, the previously frozen cookies did not do so well. While they are acceptable for home eating (and I'm sure the ravenous beasts who masquerade as my Primary Test Team will make sure the cookies disappear), I would not pass them out to friends.

They're cookies only their baker could love ...

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