Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Manila Food and Beverage Fair 2008

One of my companions on my little vacation to Manila this weekend needed to visit a trade show of his own. So, we decided to get it out of the way before going to delve into a Giant Toyland for Golf Players.

We went to the trade hall where he thought his trade show was to be. But, we ran into the Manila Food and Beverage Fair 2008 (MAFBEX). This show was sponsored by Food Magazine and Foodie Magazine. A couple of my favorites, along with Yummy!

He had to go find his show. He had a lot to do. I told him, I had his cell phone number and I could find him. I wasn't going to accidentally run into a food show and then skip it for something else that I didn't even need to attend.

I had no idea how large the show was going to be. I didn't care. If it was so large that I was there all day, OK! So, I filled out the registration form and paid my P50 entrance fee.

There were a lot of displays. Manufacturers of both food and equipment were there. Oh my, some of the commercial equipment that was there was ... words escape me. Large, well-built ovens and cook tops. Built to deal with the needs of a restaurant or hotel kitchen. Maybe I'm weird in admiring things like this, but I did.

I quickly skipped over the various food booths. Most were just selling random things in which I had little interest. F&B Magazine, a magazine aimed at food industry people, here usually has good ads that I find a lot more interesting.

The vast majority of my time was spent looking at the displays made by the students. Lots of really good work done by these kids.

In the back there was a food competition or two. Very much like a toned-down Iron Chef. But, I had places to go and didn't want to get too far separated from my friends. And, I don't speak the language (Tagalog ... working on this ... but, learning languages seems to be something in which I'm incredibly bad).

I took pictures of the work that I thought really stood out. Here they are ...

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