Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back From Manila and Ready To Party

A big congratulations to those who recognize the 80's horror-spoof movie tag line I've stolen and modified for my title. Probably dating myself there. But, my birthday is coming soon and I'll have to admit to everyone that I'm another year older anyway. May was well practice now.

Had a good time. My friends are crazy. That's good, because so am I. Tons and tons of laughs.

By accident, I ran into a cooking competition and trade show. I have a few pictures from that. I didn't stay long as we had other plans. Wish I had to see the result. Looked like it was a competition between various culinary colleges.

While stopping for some supplies, I snagged some lemon pepper from a grocery store. Such a nice spice mixture. On those nights when you want something a little different, just sprinkle it on chicken or fish ... bake/roast ... eat ... enjoy. So simple. Sure, it's on the industrial side (the ingredients list does not contain lemons). But, I never claimed to be a zealot.

Bought some equipment for one of hobbies, golf. A new putter, some tees (none are for sale here in town, so it's good to get them while you can), and shoes ... shoes that fit! It was so nice to wear shoes that didn't hurt my feet. See, I have caveman feet. Short and wide. Size 28cm-EEE. Not exactly common. So, salamat Mizuno!

Anyway, enough about the non-food stuff. I'm back. I have a TWD entry to make, an entry with pictures from the cooking show, and coming soon ... an entry about our trek to one of the local agricultural colleges to buy some unpasteurized milk.

I see more cheese making in my future ...

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