Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nifty Chest Fridge

A while back I wrote about my chest freezer/fridge. I was about to start making Canadian Bacon and try out that New York Times chocolate cookie recipe when my wife decided that she needed our chest fridge to switch over to freezer mode.

What should I do? What could I do? She needed to store some prepared goodies for our son's fifth birthday party next week. I couldn't say no.

For months, I'd wanted a second unit. Oh yes, I craved it. Only problem? I couldn't justify it. Especially with my thrifty wife.

Now, my wife herself handed me the leverage I needed. Yes, the second unit will be mine. Mine, I tell you! That, of course, is what I was thinking at the time. The unit is plugged in, cooling things nicely already.

It's just like the first, except twice the size. It doubles as both a freezer and a fridge. Oh so great. I love the chest configuration.

It's also just the perfect size for my large stainless steel chafing/steam table dishes. It couldn't have been better had I planned it myself.

Now I have the room I need (and deserve!) to start trying out things that require a few hours to a few weeks of refrigeration.

I'm so easy to please. If I weren't so happy about my new fridge, I'd lament how easy I am.

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