Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In The Pipeline ...

Wow, has it really been since Friday that I've written anything. Anyone who knows me know that I rarely have little to say. This weekend flew past and this week is doing the same. So, thought I'd drop a line and my multitudes of readers know what I'm doing.

First, there's the New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe that's flooding the net. I, too, am going to bake a batch. I now have chocolate chips and am going to hit the mixer soon. Just need to get some room temperature butter.

I'm also looking at Snickerdoodles, a childhood favorite and a request from the woman who made them for me then (my mom). Hopefully my son will like them as much as I do. I'm going to try to make large ones to encourage multiple textures within each cookie (crunchy outside, chewy center).

Char siu dim sum pastries. Basically, Chinese BBQ pork with extra sauce wrapped in a flaky pasty dough with sesame seeds on top. Making flaky dough from scratch in this heat will be a unique challenge.

Chinese egg tarts. Another dim sum favorite. This should be easier than the BBQ pork pastries. Still, I've never made them and am apprehensive about how they'll turn out. Let's hope well.

Another BBQ sauce challenge. This time, we'll level the playing field by adding a little extra vinegar to the Wright's Liquid smoke version. The girls liked how the Stubb's was a little sweeter.

Canadian bacon. I've located some food grade plastic 5-gallon buckets. I have the saltpeter. Now I just need a whole pork loin.

There's a lot more on the Must Cook List. These are just what's at the top.

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