Saturday, January 17, 2009

Resolutions At War

It's Saturday night and I have yet to post for both today and Thursday.  I'd written that I resolved to post three days a week.  That is true.  My posting resolution is in conflict with another resolution.  My resolution to take better care of myself.  I figure drinking too many soft drinks is bad for me.

See, I'm a hard-core caffeine addict.  At least, I used to be.  I'm trying to quit.  I stopped drinking Coke Zero on Wednesday.  The headaches ... oh, my, the headaches.  They are insane.  I think it'd be less painful to get hit by a bus.

OK, so I exaggerate.  A little.

Needless to say, my motivation has taken a dive.  I'm setting new lows in thins-getting-done.  I've cooked once since I decided to do this.  Enchiladas.  I got pictures making the corn tortillas.  I'll post them in a bit.  Forgot to get the rest.  Just have this one.

Oh, very cool, I just received a text message as I type this ... the Parmesan cheeses I ordered from Cebu are waiting for me.  You know what that means: Parmesan Cheese Showdown!

Coming soon.  But, for now ... more Ibuprofen!  That way I can do my third (and last) resolution ... play more golf.


Nancy/n.o.e said...

Hope you at least got the golf in. And that your headaches go away soon. I thought I'd be posting 4x/week, but things have gone haywire around here and blogging has to yield to life. I know you'll be back to cooking in no time.

James said...

Posting 4x a week ... with your quality of posts? That would be amazing, Nancy. I hope you manage to do it!

jasa pengiriman barang said...

mmmhhh,,, lezat...