Wednesday, January 7, 2009

TWD - Cheesecake Results

.Whew!  Just made it again!  These past few days have been really busy with all kinds of unforeseen "fun".

Making cheesecake here can be fun.  Just getting the cream cheese and sour cream can be a driving adventure!  Sour cream is available in two stores within 25 miles of here.  Cream cheese in maybe four stores.  And, neither is cheap.

Still, that's part of the fun for me!  Finding the things which are hard to find ... or making replacements when they can't be found.

Enough of my babbling, onto the results!

Test Results

Primary Test Group: Delicious!  The starving demons ate most of it very, very quickly.

Test Group Random House Visitor:  Wow, delicious!  Did you really make this?

Potential Improvements

Shorter, denser ... oh, right, that would make it a New York style cheesecake.  For what it is, it is good.  I just prefer what I prefer.


This is another good recipe from Dorie. It's just not to my liking.  I'm rather picky.  Cheesecake is New York-style ... period.

A lot of people love this cheesecake.  It has a nice texture and is rather unique in being so tall.  Honestly, that's what I didn't like so much.  The height.  It was out of balance with the crust which I love so very, very much.

Tall-and-Creamy Cheesecake.  Was it tall?  Yes.  Was it creamy?  Definitely.  Was it good?  No question, yes. Was it great?  I didn't think so ... but, many did.

I think the real question is: would I make it again?  Sure.  My family loved it.  And, I think that's the real test.

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