Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I'd planned to post this last Sunday, but I got distracted.

Looking at these pictures one might think "are these from some forest? or some luxury park?"

The answers are "no" and "no".

These pictures were taken in the back yard of an acquaintance of mine here.  In fact, the pictures just don't do justice to what he has just in his backyard.

Many people here have amazing fruit trees just growing anywhere.  We have a couple coconut trees and a cocoa tree growing in our backyard.  I'm lobbying to put more back there when we clean it up and put down some grass.  I'm also lobbying for a smokehouse and a BBQ pit, but those are off-topic for this post.

Here are some papayas growing huge and yummy.

I'm always amazed at what grows here.  It's so green and lush.  Even an expert plant killer like myself could probably grow things.

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