Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ingredient Envy and Pizza Pride

We just got back from Cebu. We stayed there for a few days as a mini vacation. Our main source of amusement while there was to visit the three major malls: SM, Ayala, and Robinson's.

Normally, I'm not much on going shopping. I really don't like it. My tolerance is extremely low for the shoving, inconsiderate crowds that are found at malls all over the world. However, my willingness to suffer to see my wife and son have a good time is fairly high.

My wife got to shop for minor jewelry items. She had a good time doing that. Most of the time was spent with my son riding the rides (SM and Ayala have indoor rides) and playing the ticket-dispensing video games and automated carny games.

Did we get in a little fun for daddy? Yes. I insisted that we hit the grocery stores while there. I didn't walk away with much as I limited myself to only items that I cannot buy here. So, a 4 oz. container of basil leaves, a similarly sized container of Cream of Tartar (used to make playdoh for my son), and 3 kilos of Morton Kosher salt.

The selection of products available in Cebu was amazing. I was definitely envious of those who live there when it comes to shopping for ingredients.

Dad's other form of run was trying the different restaurants there. Of course, pizza was at the top of my list. We hit Pizza Hut and it was ... well, Pizza Hut. Average corporate pizza.

We hit another local place that is supposed to have the best pizza in Cebu. While they were better than Pizza Hut, I didn't think by all that much. Both put on nearly no sauce. That always rates badly in my book.

So, I asked my son ... which pizza did you like best?

"The one you made, daddy."

I think I'll keep him.

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