Monday, September 29, 2008

Golf Cookies

This weekend was the Annual President's Cup golf tournament for the Rotary Club to which I belong. I'd messed up my back a bit the previous weekend, so I wasn't playing. Had a ticket anyway so I could go for some of the lovely prizes. No luck ... again.

Anyway, it's been my habit to cook or bake something and take it to the major tournaments. Once I took eggs, Mexican chorizo, and homemade tortillas. That managed to live for three hours. Another time I made 36 Nor Mai Gai (actually, 41, but left some at home) and took them up. These lasted a whopping four hours. Mostly because I came early and the players weren't ready for lunch.

This time, it was cookies. I made chocolate chip cookies (the NYT recipe, minus the 36-hour wait period), some peanut butter cookies (using some of my homemade peanut butter), and some basic oatmeal raisin cookies (using the recipe off of the Quaker Oats can).

My plan was to take up three half-sized baking sheets of cookies. 270-300 cookies. Shouldn't take too long, right?

WRONG! I haven't cooked larger amounts of cookies since I was back in the US. There I had three pizza ovens that accepted two full-sized baking sheets each. Since I put 40 cookies on a full-sized sheet, that means 240 cookies at a time. So, an hour of baking, tops.

I'm too old to be this naive. Since I could only do one sheet at a time, I was there stuffing sheets into the oven for four hours. Oops. That will teach me to forget, again, about some things.

Anyway, I had a good time. The cookies were demolished. 270 in total. 60 oatmeal raisin, 60 peanut butter, and 150 chocolate chip.

Had a minor scare when my two empty trays vanished. Turns out, the caterers thought the baking sheets were theirs. A couple quick "where are my trays?" yielded their freedom.

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