Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dim Sum Cryogenics

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about making one of my favorite foods ever, Nor Mai Gai. I made quite a lot of them, too many in fact.

So, rather than letting the family devour them immediately, I secreted a couple of these bundles of joy into the freezer. I wanted to test! Can they be made in advance, frozen, and then resuscitated?


Put a steamer on the stove. Get it good and hot, lots of steam.

Take one frozen Nor Mai Gai. Toss it into the steamer and seal it in. It's OK, it's not going to scream at you like a live lobster will.

Wait one hour.


Test Results

Being the selfish brave soul that I am, I was the lone tester. I must say, it was quite good.

As good as fresh? Not quite. But, close enough that next time I make Nor Mai Gai, I'm putting a bunch into the freezer to have on days when I just don't feel like making a big production.


Definite winner! Nor Mai Gai when I want it without all the fuss ...

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