Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cane Sugary Goodness

I was at my friend Curtis' canteen today. He and his wife, Flor, run an eatery for the local college kids. Good food on the cheap.

I saw in their cooler these two bottles of soda. Royal is, as its color heavily implies, an orange soda. A very orange-y, very sweet orange soda. I love it.

Sparkle, the local discount soda, is a lemon soda. Not so sweet, but very satisfying and not very hard on the wallet. The pictured 240 ml bottle, about 8 oz., is just P8 most places. That's just US$0.18. Inexpensive, but yummy!

Both are made with cane sugar. Both taste better than any other sodas I've had in the States. Even the Sparkle is better.

So, just say no to HFCS. Say yes to cane sugar. Or, at the very least, say yes to sugar from sugar beets.

And, if you can get either where you live ... try these sodas. You'll be glad you did.


Dave said...

Though I can't get Royal or Sparkle at stores around here, a large ethnic Mexican population ensures that I can get many other sodas imported from Mexico, all of which use cane sugar instead on HFCS.

James said...

You might be able to get Royal if there's a large Filipino population. It's the orangiest orange soda I've ever had.