Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Here! It's Here! Sausages To Come ...

I've wanted to make some sausage and hot dogs for a while now. But, my only plate for my Hobart's sausage grinding attachment has small holes. Makes it hard to stuff the sausage.

So, I looked into buying a sausage stuffing plate from a supplier in the States. Looked like by the time shipping was included, it'd cost me about US$40 and would take three to four weeks to arrive. Not bad.

Still, I'm trying to wean myself off of having things shipped in as much as possible. So, I went to a friend of mine in town and he pointed me to a machine shop. A scale drawing and P500 down payment got them started.

What I thought would take only a few days, took two-and-a-half weeks. Turns out, finding a piece of stainless steel the right size was hard around here. That took the bulk of the time. In the end, my plate was made from a piece of stainless steel sawed from the end of a piece intended to be a propeller shaft.

When all was said and done, total cost was P1700 (US$38.20). A little less money, made in less time, and I didn't send to the States for it. A victory, I'd say.

Plus, now I can make some nice country-style breakfast links. Haven't had those since I left the US. Looking forward to playing with that recipe.

I'll be sure to post ...

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