Sunday, June 29, 2008

Industrial Food

In my previous post, I used the phrase "industrial food". I've used this phrase for years to describe highly-processed foods or foods with ingredients one can only find in a factor. Yes, I take credit for it ... ha!

For me, on one end of the food scale is industrial food. At the other end is pure, raw, organic food.

I'm not a big fan of industrial food. Industrial food leads to lesser quality final product. Yes, it's easy in a factory. But, do we really want to live our lives consuming that which is easy to make in vast quantities? Or, do we want to spend a little more time and a little more money on food that tastes and satisfies far, far more? I pick the latter.

Food, however, is not entirely science. This isn't black-and-white. Is industrial food always bad? No, but it usually is. Is organic food always good? No, raw free range chicken is probably not the best for you.

Somewhere between the two is probably the best compromise. Although, I've found the more I stay away from industrial foods, the better I feel.

That said, I'm no zealot. Sometimes I want a McDonald's Quarter Pounder and fries and nothing else will do.

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